My Dairy Dashboard Insiders

My Dairy Dashboard is launching the “Insiders” program for 30 data-minded dairy producers that want to improve their data access and visualization to make better decisions faster. What do they get? Free access to My Dairy Dashboard in exchange for their ideas and feedback through the 6-month pre-launch and launch of the platform. Watch this short video to learn more!

Program Details

Deadline to Apply: July 10, 2017
Timeline: August 1, 2017 – January 31, 2018

Download Program Details (PDF)

What am I signing up for?

  • Participation in three web conference calls over the six-month program to provide input and exchange ideas.
  • Active participation in an online forum where ideas will be posted weekly on product features and data visuals to create the most valuable platform for users.
  • Provide access to your data for testing purposes.
  • First access to My Dairy Dashboard, as the Insiders will be part of the limited release, prior to being available to the public.

What are the benefits?

  • My Dairy Dashboard Insiders will be rewarded free access for the first three months.
  • Insiders can also earn up to their first year free by sharing their experience with friends and colleagues (1 month free for every 3 dairies or consultants that are signed up through your invitation).
  • An opportunity to collaborate with other dairy producers that are passionate about their dairy data, just like you.

What is My Dairy Dashboard?

My Dairy Dashboard simply connects and visualizes dairy data so that dairy producers and their advisors can make better decisions faster. Farmers rely on data to assess current herd performance and to identify areas to improve. The challenge is that this data is in separate and disconnected systems, from herd and feed management software to the milk processor web portal. With a planned launch in the fall of 2017, My Dairy Dashboard will combine this data for the first time so that dairies can spend less time collecting data and more time taking action on what really matters.