• My Dairy Dashboard charges for every Company to Herd connection, not per user. Inviting all your employees on your farm is included in the price.

  • My Dairy Dashboard is a web application only. You can view your dashboard using Safari or Google Chrome. We are working on support for other browsers.

  • Viewing your dashboard can be done on any operating system that supports Google Chrome or Safari. Currently you must have a Windows PC to setup data integrations for herd and feed data.


Data Sources

Account Set-Up & Installation


  • Dairies have lots and lots of data but most of it is in separate systems that do not communicate. My Dairy Dashboard solves the problem of data integration on dairies.

    My Dairy Dashboard saves producers time by automatically connecting and visualizing data in an easy-to-use mobile platform so they always have the most current view of their trends at their fingertips.

  • Consultants rely on dairy data to guide their clients toward their goals and to measure success of improvement initiatives. They are also many times the ones that spend hours in Excel or connected via TeamViewer with the manual process of combining and updating data for their clients.

    My Dairy Dashboard saves consultant’s time by automatically connecting and visualizing their clients’ data so that they can spend less time in spreadsheets and more time with clients making decisions on the data and implementing plans for improved results. Consultants will also benefit from having the most current view of client performance at their fingertips, so that they can identify problems sooner and prioritize their time accordingly.

Custom Dashboard Solutions

  • My Dairy Dashboard can build custom, branded dashboards for companies that rely on dairy data to support the value-added product or service that they provide.

  • A nutrition ingredient company can benefit from a custom dashboard that measures specific metrics that their ingredient/s directly improve.

    A dairy pharma company may want to create a dashboard based on the key metrics that their treatment products improve through the transition period and beyond.

    Large dairy organizations with multiple herd sites may have a specific set of metrics that they manually track across herds today and My Dairy Dashboard can help make that happen automatically through a custom dashboard solution.

  • Please let us know if you are interested in a custom dashboard solution for your company by filling out this request form.

  • The cost of a custom My Dairy Dashboard solution is dependent on several factors: how many dairies will be connected, how many data sources and the types of data sources needed, as well as the number and complexity of the data analytics. Let’s discuss your needs and we’ll figure out a solution that will work.