Customized Dashboards for Data-Minded Dairy Companies

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Whether your company is a veterinary clinic, a nutrition consulting firm, a feed manufacturer or a parlor robotics company, having a clear, accurate and timely view of herd metrics is critical. My Dairy Dashboard can help by creating your custom dashboard of the metrics that matter to you, reducing time spent in spreadsheet analysis and providing up-to-date daily views of your herds’ important trends. 

Herds connected to your dashboard

The possibilities are endless.

What business you are in? More than likely if you are reading this, your business is connected to cows. Whether you sell feed, manufacture genomics tests, or manage an enterprise of dairy farms spread across America, the efficient capture and analysis of data is essential. Here are some custom ideas to get your wheels turning.

Are you a consulting company?

Take the metrics you are already monitoring for clients and automate the process with data connected and updating daily.

Are you a milk processor?

Add My Dairy Dashboard capabilities to your company’s member portal to enhance member access and visualization of their weights and test data.

Are you a manufacturer of value-added products for dairy producers?

Create your own company-branded dashboard of the specific metrics that your company’s product improves to enable your customer to see their returns more clearly.

Are you a dairy owner with multiple sites spread across several states?

Give your team access to the metrics that matter most to your business and give them ‘visual’ feedback with a custom dashboard.

Interested in custom dashboard possibilities?

Coming Soon!

Dairy Benchmarking Made Easy.

If you currently benchmark client data to help them see opportunites relative to other dairies’ performance, you know the time and effort it takes to make this happen. My Dairy Dashboard’s benchmarking module (currently in development) aims to save you valuable time so that you can focus on helping dairy teams to take action on the right things faster.

Benchmarking Options

  • Benchmark against yourself. Provide dairies with year over year, month over month comparisons so that they can see their performance benchmarked vs. the most important comparison… their own herd.
  • Benchmark against other dairies. Companies that subscribe to the benchmarking module can provide valuable insights to clients with comparisons across other client herds.
  • Dairies will also be able to create their own peer groups, where they can invite other dairies that they respect to be in a benchmarking peer group to spur each other on to greater performance.