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Milk Basics Preview

Milk Basics gives you access to basic milk and quality metrics plus ‘per cow’ metrics from herd/feed software when available for only 1¢ per cow per month* up to $25/month

(Herd sizes greater than 2,500 cows will be at $25/month)

$25/month Milk Basics

Data Sources

  • Milk Processor Data
  • Weather Data


  • 18 Milk metrics including ‘per cow’ and component information
  • Per Cow Milk Metrics calculated using cow counts from herd or feed management software when available
  • Data refreshed daily for most current view
  • Includes unlimited # of users for your organization
  • Share dashboard with advisors
  • View by custom date ranges
  • Create custom dashboards to see your data your way

Simply connect & visualize your data for better decisions faster.

Take action on the right things faster

for better returns on your time and effort

Engage your team with visual feedback

that motivates and engages your team for improved performance

Gather new insights with connected data

that shows you visual trends and alerts


My Dairy Dashboard is designed as a platform for everyone in the dairy industry

Dairy Producers
can connect their data sources directly to see their trends more clearly
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Dairy Advisors
will be able to benchmark their client herds and be alerted to changing trends that need attention
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Dairy Companies
that provide value-added products & services can create their own custom dashboard to more clearly see producer returns on their investment.
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